Bathroom Remodeling

We offer top quality design and remodeling service for the interior of your home. This may consist of removing walls and reframing the floor plan to suite your current needs. Or it could be as simple as removing and patching outdated half walls, dividers and things that no longer give your home a modern feel. Just like clothing fashions, home design styles change with the times. If your home was built many decades ago it may not suite the current desires of our culture for a home layout.

One of the most common needs in an interior remodel is updating the bathrooms. This is due to wear and tear of normal usage and also because of the new materials available now that weren’t even around before. Oftentimes interior remodeling doesn’t call for major construction, but just refreshing the existing floor plan with new materials, countertops, custom paint, molding, flooring materials, etc. Our design team is just as proficient in bringing creative and affordable options to these types of projects. We think of a home as an artist would think of a blank canvas. We see what can be made from scratch, using the creative thoughts of inspiration and quality craftsmanship.

Electrical Rewire

Over time the requirements of our daily life has changed things so much that we often need to add circuits and outlets, or wire in special devices, internet cabling, security systems, outdoor lighting, etc.

Oftentimes the normal weathering of the electrical service panel degrades it so much it becomes unsightly or even unsafe. An upgraded panel is often needed anyway to accommodate the additional demands of a modern home. And if a room addition, garage conversion or covered patio is built, then some wiring upgrades will surely be needed. All these things place an additional load on the main panel which may not have been designed to handle this much current.

We understand how vital the wiring system in a home is. And we have technicians available to streamline the update your home electrical system offering the best possible solutions to accommodate all the modern amenities desired.

Some houses were built in the 1970’s with aluminum wiring. If so, it should also be replaced. It is known to be a potential fire hazard. And we see substandard, unsafe and illegal wiring very frequently during inspections we conduct on homes. If you have any concerns about the wiring being properly done, please call us for a no obligation evaluation. Your safety and comfort depend on having this peace of mind. If anything is discovered that needs immediate attention we will let you know, and can put things in order for you.


Our team of highly skilled and well-qualified professionals is the main strength of the company. All the professionals including architects, designers, and flooring contractors work with perfection from start to finish. Our flooring services include but not limited to:

  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Floor Installations
  • Floor Refinishing
  • Floor Repairs
  • Floor Removal


At Build a Dream Inc. we strive to ensure that your experience will be smooth, positive and pleasant with us. We have only one goal in mind, your complete fulfillment. We have a wide selection of natural stones, granites, travertine, limestone and various others material of the very best quality.

Interior Painting

Revamp the interior of your house with the best quality painting services. Creative designs, finest quality material and personalized services are what that makes us a bit different from other painting contractor.

We Build a Dream Inc. offer a myriad of wonderful paints, textures and designs to choose from. To give you an amazing luster along with durability, we utilize the finest quality paint, coating and other products. Being a reputed interior painting contractor, we understand that indoor environment has very different needs from exterior atmosphere.

Kitchen Remodel

We have a good number of layouts and designs for your kitchen to choose from. We allow our clients to choose a layout and renovation plan that is feasible for their budget and specific needs. Build a Dream Inc believes in offering customized solutions and can offer you with various layouts for your kitchen until you are satisfied.

Our kitchen renovation service includes installation of kitchen appliances and cabinets, floor plan, roofing, tiling and more. We feel pride in delivering the best end product which is both functional and attractive without exceeding your budget. We believe that commitment to perfection and capability of our team is what that makes us the leader in our area.

Supported by a team of kitchen renovators, designers and architects, we have capability to turn your old kitchen into your modern functional kitchen at an affordable rate. We specialize in interior design and space planning. We never consider any project so big or small. First of all, our experts analyze the existing space and get a clear idea of the dimensions. They help the clients to decide what the right option is for you according to the list of goals of kitchen renovation.

Plumbing Repipe

We repaired a lot of water damaged homes that are caused by old piping that has never been changed from steel to copper. There are also practical reasons to consider a re-pipe, such as reduced water pressure or chronic drainage problems. Replacing old cast irons drain pipes with plastic is necessary eventually. Over time cast iron always develops drips of unhealthy grey-water and even worse, black-water. This can cause health threatening contamination on your property and expensive cleanup procedures needed.

Room Addition

We will consult with you to find out what your immediate space need is. New baby, new family member, office or home gym; whatever it is, we have plenty of design options. From there we blue print, design and research zoning and permits requirements. The next step? Building your space which is overseen by an experienced foreman and crew. Family rooms, bathrooms, garage conversions, outdoor living spaces….the possibilities are endless.

Windows and Doors

Whether you’re in need of windows/door for your new house or change the existing with new one, at Build a Dream Inc. you will a long array of choices to suit your needs and life style. We strongly believe that a positive installation and replacement experience requires well-informed and skilled experts who can take good care of your project from start to finish. Supported by a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable installers, we are capable to provide our clients with what they desire for.

Our professionals hold expertise in offering completely new look, energy efficiency, and higher exterior value. We have a lot of replacement and installation options to give a make over to your house.

Repairing and replacing doors and windows after certain intervals is important. Lack of proper installation of windows and doors can cause higher heating and cooling bills and risk of harmful mold and mildew development, etc. No matter where you are located, it’s a good idea to get ready for all whether conditions with perfect windows and doors.

We Build a Dream Inc. specialize in making your house even more functional, energy efficient and attractive. Our professionals are well aware about all types of windows and doors that can suit all your needs and expectations.

We bring various advantages with windows and doors replacement and installation services including –

  • Decrease energy bills
  • Reduce light winds and boost comfort
  • Pick up home’s look
  • Decrease maintenance
  • Boost worth of home