Bathroom Remodel: Toilet Edition

Bathroom Remodel: Toilet Edition

Bathroom Remodel: Toilet Edition

Remodeling a bathroom is often a huge task that we often forget about choosing specific faucet or showerhead, but the thing that should not be overlooked is the toilet. The toilet is something that people do not put a lot of thought into and just choose the first one they see, but the toilet should be considered just as important as any other part of the bathroom. Here are a few things to think about when choosing the right toilet for your bathroom.

Bowl Height

Choosing the proper height for a toilet can be really important for some people. If you choose a toilet with the bowl too high it is likely going to be uncomfortable when using if you choose one that is too small you could run into the same awkward problem. If you have ever had your legs fall asleep while using the restroom the cause could be that you have the wrong height of toilet. The wrong height could be cutting off circulation to your legs causing them to fall asleep. So choosing the height could be an essential thing to think about.

Bowl Shape

There are two types of bowl shape one is the traditional round shape and the second is elongated. Both are excellent choices it is just a matter of which would look best in the space you have available. People will typically go with the round shape bowl because of space, but the elongated bowl is made for a more comfortable feel. So you have to consider how important comfort is to you when choosing the right bowl.

Toilet Style

The styles available in toilets are two-piece toilets where the tank and the bowl are separate, and then there is the one piece toilet. The one-piece toilet is molded with the bowl already attached for a sleeker look, and the one piece is made to be easier to clean. Both are great, but if you are looking for something more budget friendly, then the two-piece is the way to go because they usually have a lot of options to fit any budget.

So if you are considering a bathroom remodel, remember to take time to find the right toilet for your bathroom. This may not seem that important, but it should be considered because if you are doing a bathroom remodel you should put time into choosing all aspect of the remodel because it should be what you have always wanted.